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Car Hire Nicosia North Cyprus

Nicosia - Northern Cyprus

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The capital of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Nicosia, is the most populated city of the country. The city is the centre of transportation, business, economy, politics and culture of the island. It is the only divided capital in the world. In the North of the city Turkish and in the South Greek people lives. In the middle part of the city divided with Green Line, there is United Nations Peacekeeping Force. 

Tourist Information

Arab Ahmet Mosque that is built in 1845 is the most impressive religious structure of the city constructed with Turkish architectural style. The Selimiye Mosque constructed between the years of 1209 and 1228 is appreciated as the best and most spectacular religious architectural structure of the island. Selimiye is previously known as St. Sophia Cathedral. Haydarpaşa Mosque is also one of the most famous mosques of the city. The Great Khan built in the year of 1572 is the most important work of Turkish architecture located in Nicosia. This khan has to entrances. The centre of Nicosia is surrounded by Venetian Walls. This wall is constructed by Venetians in order to defend the city in 16th century against the Ottomans. The wall has three doors. Girne Gate is one of the gates of the wall that surrounds the old city. This door was one of the most important points that the entrance and exit to the city were done. Lapidary Museum located in the east of the Selimiye Mosque is a Venetian style structure built in 15th century.

Cultural Information

Nicosia Chamber Orchestra, City Orchestra and the Municipal Orchestra host various concerts and activities during the year. Folk dances and ballet are very prevalent in the city. International Folk Dance Festival held in August is one of the best examples of the city’s cultural wealth. Cinemas, night clubs, discos and casinos are the main elements of the city entertainment. You will see many discos in different parts of the city. To dance and have fun, you will also find what you’re looking for in the city hotels.

Restaurants - Food & Drink

Turkish Cypriot cuisine has a richness that addresses all food lovers with various flavors. City cuisine that witnessed different cultures is in a consistent characteristic with this aspect. A large number of restaurants located in the hotels and the city provide delicious examples from international cuisine. Delicacies in the city cuisine; Food: Leek, baked beans, green beans, okra, meat stuffed, chitterlings, meat balls, liar stuffed, molehiya, moussaka, oven kebap, fog kebap. Rices: rice pilaf, bulgur pilaf, pilaf mücendra. Soups: lentil soup, rice soup, bell-bottomed soup, noodle soup, vegetable soup, hummus soup, tarhana soup. Appetizers: hummus, tzatziki, fried halloumi, cakizdez, samarella, potato salad, calamari, lettuce and yogurt salad... Desserts: Bread shredded, bite, bagels halva, samsi, paluze, wire shredded wheat, lunar oven…


In addition to domestic and foreign goods, especially local crafts and souvenirs are the most important pieces of the city’s shopping world. Jewellery, leather goods, lefkara lace, handicrafts, rugs, pottery and more are the shopping products specific to the city. Apparel products are the most important pieces of the city shopping. These products are very qualified and cheap. You will find many shops in the city where apparel products are sold. Nicosia Municipal Market is a place that you should go for an efficient and complete shopping tour.

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