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Car Hire Kyrenia Northern Cyprus

Kyrenia - Northern Cyprus

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Kyrenia, North Cyprus

The history of the Kyrenia, Cyprus grounds on bc 10th century. Kyrenia, being the first settlement centre of the small communities coming from the aegean region, is a historical city with traces of the various civilizations which dominated Cyprus as the centre of one of the 10 kingdoms in the ancient ages of Cyprus. The old harbour of Kyrenia that is shaped by the byzantines to make it suitable for defence was developed by the Lusignans and the Venetians who rebuilt the castle and its surroundings. Kyrenia which stayed as an important harbor during the period of the Ottomans was reshaped by the British people as a harbour and resort town. Kyrenia town has been a stop and resort place for the soldiers and their families which were travelling between the colonials during the period of british empire due to the beautiful and romantic atmosphere.

Kyrenia town, bearing the same feature today, is one of the most ideal and rare places of the mediterranean for a relaxing holiday. Restaurants, bars and small hotels surrounding the horseshoe-shaped harbour in which ancient structures are preserved serve the tourists with a unique atmosphere. Also, in terms of historical places, Kyrenia region promises a good selection to the visitors. Histroical harbor, Kyrenia castle, shipwreck museum, St. Hilarion castle, Bellapais Monastery and folklore museum are some of the places worth to visit. Car rental Kyrenia is a must if you would like to explore what this historical city offers.

The Name of Kyrenia

According to a rumour, Kyrenia, being the most beautiful resort of the island, is founded by the akas coming from the peloponnese in BC X. century. Its founders called it as kyrenia which is the name of a mountain in their homeland.

According to another rumour, phoenicians who founded long shore trade colonies in the mid bc ix century were the first community who settled first. In roman sources, the name of the city is called as corineum. When the itinerant oldenburg visited cyprus in 1211 during the period of king I. Hugh, he said “a small waterside town which has city walls and towers inside of it“.

It can be assumed from these quotations that the name in the meaning of the poem is Kyrenia which had many changes until today.

Geographical location and natural structure

The survey of the Kyrenia city located in the north of cyprus which is the third biggest country of the mediterranean is 20 square kilometres. Mountain range of Kyrenia located in the south of kyrenia starts from the coast close to kayalar village in the west and they expand to yedikonuk village in the east. It comprises of kayalar mountain, lapta mountain, beşparmak mountains and kantara mountains. At the same time, three important passages linking the coast from west to east and inner parts of the island are Geçitköy gate, Kyrenia gate and mersinlik – Tatlısu gates by order.

The highest point is Selvili hill at 1023 meters. The plains formed sporadically between those mountains are seen until Karpaz peninsula. Northern slopes of the Kyrenia mountain ranges are full of aleppo pines. Having a fertile land strip, citrus, olive and carob is cultivated in kyrenia.

The coast has an incredible beauty for the ones who wish to enjoy the sea with turquoise waters.

Kyrenia Weather

Typical mediterranean climate dominates Kyrenia city. Summers are long and dry, winters are short and rainy. Rainfalls are usually in the form of rain, rarely melted snow falls for a short time to kyrenia mountain ranges. The coldest january average is 9 degrees, the hottest july average is 40 degrees. Although the sea coasts are cool in summer, they are warmer than inland due to moisture. Sea water temperature average is 21.5 degrees, moisture average is 68.8%. Kyrenia weather is perfect for a great vacation.

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