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North Cyprus cuisine

Nicosia - Northern Cyprus

Turkish Cypriot cuisine is created with the combination of so many cultures, and reached synthesis of eastern and western tastes. In the Turkish Cyprus kitchens, meat, seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables consumed every day. Before evening meals, there are about twenty varieties of finger food and appetizers offered.

Cacik (yogurt with cucumber), hummus, spicy sausage, yogurt, fresh almonds, pickles, salads and appetizers are followed by the famous beginning of olive varieties, grilled halloumi, meatballs, shish kebab, peach kebab, lamb chops, oven grills and many more… And a wide variety of fresh seafood has a special place in the Cyprus kitchen. 

Zivaniya, Raki, brandy and wine are the most popular types of local spirits. After every meal it is like a tradition to have Turkish Coffee.

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